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Winnica u Michała

        Zygmunt Prędkowski's small, family vineyard in "Painters' Housing Estate" (Malarzy) in Zielona Góra. It was founded in 1986 in a historical place where grapevine was grown before the war and Lubusz Wine Factory had its largest vineyard of 15 hectares. It was named "At Michael's" to honour the grandson.

        600 shrubs are grown here, processing and dessert varieties as well as cabernet carol, Riesling and pinot noir. In the middle of the vineyard there is a wooden winemaker's house where guests are welcomed. The owner of the vineyard has taken part in many wine competitions where collected numerous awards and honourable mentions, e.g. second place at the first Wine Fest Competition in 2003. In 2007 his tincture based on an old family recipe won the second place at provincial competition "Our Culinary Heritage ". Zygmunt Prędkowski is the author of an application to having "Lubusz Wine" included on the list of traditional product of the Lubuskie province.

Winnica u Michała
Ul. Wyczółkowskiego 35
65-140 Zielona Góra , LU
Lubuskie PL
Phone number: 
48 696 095 717


Founded in: 
1 986
600 krzewów
How many people can visit at once: 


Facilities for disabled
Parking spaces for cars
30 miejsc
Parking spaces for coaches
Access by train
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Eating places

Homemade food
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Wino białe, wino czerwone, nalewki, miód pitny.

Recurring events

Winobranie – dni Zielonej Gór
Zielona Góra
Pierwsza sobota września do drugiej niedzieli września każdego roku.