Winnica Equus

        Equus" Vineyard currently consists of several plots where vines are and wine production is carried out. The main part of a plantation is located in the vicinity of Zielona Góra and Zabór, and smaller plantings are in Mierzęcin and Kornacice. On the total area of about 5.5 hectares the following varieties are cultivated: Cabernet Cortis, Johanniter, monarch, pinot noir, regent, Riesling, rondo, Solaris and Zweigeltrebe.

        A 30-acre plot of land on a slight elevation in Mierzęcin, the northern part of Lubuskie Province is the first place where in 2006 Jowita Banek and Łukasz Chrostowski began their adventure with vines. It is where different varieties were tested in order to found the vineyard in Kornacice, in Świętokrzyskie Province, in 2010, and Equus, a 4.2-acre plantation vineyard, in Zabór in 2013. Both vineyard plots, in Kornacice and in Zabór, are places where historically vines were grown.

Winnica Equus
66-520 Mierzęcin
Phone number: 
48 504 286 758


Founded in: 
2 010
4,2 ha